Welcome to ctrl.alt.coop

We are a workers cooperative of software developers based in the metropolitan area of Berlin. We offer software development and IT consulting at the highest level of expertise.


We have successfully accomplished complex front-end, back-end and devops projects with ctrl.alt.coop. Ctrl.alt.coop offers a unique combination of professional full stack competence and pro active work attitude combined with work and project discipline.

Michael Hirsch
CTO, Mimi
API & Android Development

[…]Sound knowledge, organised work and great Ideas – with ctrl.alt.coop as partner we were able to implement ideas on this foundation and present impressive innovations in the area of autonomous driving to our customers.

Marc Schelewsky
Team coordinator, InnoZ
OnDemand App

We thank ctrl.alt.coop for clear communication and an impeccable result in every respect!

Paul Lunow
CTO, Nepos
Progressive Web App

Our Values

pictogram self-determined

We strive for flat hierachies and self-determined way of working

pictogram alternative

Working in a cooperative is more to us than a classic employment

pictogram cooperative

We are a registered cooperative and aspire grassroots democracy



Code is Law and the EU Copyright Directive

What have Lessig and others realised 13 years ago what some MEPs still fail to grasp today

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