Welcome to ctrl.alt.coop

We are a workers cooperative of software developers based in the metropolitan area of Berlin. We offer software development and IT consulting at the highest level of expertise.


Right from the start, the Wahlkampf-App was under high time and expectation pressure. Results had to be available very quickly and yet the work had to be clean, with high data protection and data security requirements. ctrl.alt.coop was the right partner for this difficult starting position: efficient and uncomplicated, lean in the processes, reliable in the results and solution-oriented when things got complicated. We are grateful for the pleasant cooperation and satisfied with the very good result.

Susanne Lang
Project coordinator, die LINKE

We have successfully accomplished complex front-end, back-end and devops projects with ctrl.alt.coop. Ctrl.alt.coop offers a unique combination of professional full stack competence and pro active work attitude combined with work and project discipline.

Michael Hirsch
CTO, Mimi
API & Android Development

The digital taz is made by people with great passion. Since the beginning of our collaboration, the developers of ctrl.alt.coop have enriched and advanced our team considerably with their creativity, reliability and open-mindedness. Our cooperation is characterized by great trust and appreciation.

Lena Kaiser
Project coordinator, taz
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Our Values


We strive for flat hierachies and self-determined way of working


Working in a cooperative is more to us than a classic employment


We are a registered cooperative and aspire grassroots democracy



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Cooperative Accomplishments

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