Job // Software Developer

Who are we

We are a collectively organised software agency located in Berlin. Since 2018, we have been working with different partners, above all in web and mobile projects.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for a software developer (w/d/m) to join our team (a 80-100% position). Since we operate in an agency mode, the projects and technologies we use change over time. At the moment, we mostly work with android and kotlin, as well as various python (django) and javascript/typescript (vuejs, reactjs, nodejs) frameworks in the frontend and backend web development. We are also always happy to learn new technologies.

You should have experience with these or similar technologies or be able to swiftly and autonomously learn the ropes. We would like to work with someone who has at least two years full-time working experience (or time-wise comparable working experience in part-time) and who wants to work in a collective.

How do we work

  • Our work is office centred. This means, we work mostly at the office since we value greatly personal contact and exchange of ideas and opinions. Nevertheless, it is perfectly alright to work from home from time to time. Everybody is expected to be at the office for our weekly assemblies. (Due to the current COVID-19 situation, at the moment everyone decides for themselves whether and when they want to come to the office.)
  • Working hours: At the moment, we are at the office mostly mo-fr ca. 10 to 18h (because of meetings, communication with customers, etc.).
  • The wellbeing of everyone is very important to us. Every two weeks we have a dedicated assembly where we try to create a safer space for everyone to share how they are doing and what bothers them or makes them happy. This way we hope to recognise structural problems and prevent possible conflict.
  • We try to dismantle knowledge hierarchies by internal workshops and communication.
  • Right now, we all get the same hourly salary: 41.400 € / year for a 100% position.
  • Language at the office: We mostly speak German. If that’s alright for you, you are welcome to join.

You can find additional information about the cooperative and our ways of working on the join us page.


If you identify with this job description, contact us at The application deadline is 9. August 2020.

In cases of equal qualification, women* are prefered.