Join us

Every now and then we search for new people to join our work collective. If we have a current specific need, the role description is in the list on the bottom of the page.

However, there are some general things relevant for any position at

We are self-organized

That means the job requires participation at our staff assembly — a weekly meeting where we decide upon all business concerns. Every employee is part of this assembly. We try to cultivate a healthy, inclusive, and efficient communication. Naturally, the goodwill of every participant is crucial. The time spent in assembly is ordinary paid work.

The work is versatile

Like any other company we have a lot of overhead tasks like cleaning, organizing, acquisition etc. which in our case are not assigned to a specific role (yet). Those tasks are equally distributed amongst us, so everyone should bring a certain sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for self-administration.

All the company are belong to us

Everyone of us owns a part of the company in form of one (or more) shares in the cooperative. The membership in the cooperative is mandatory for an employment. Fundemental decisions concerning the company and its business are made together. There is no third-party to which the company needs to report to (no investors etc.).

We want to feel good at work

It is important to us that our job is a place where we look forward to be at. We constantly figure out what that actually requires and is occasionally subject to change. We managed to identify some important basics though:

  • A good relationship between colleagues
  • Honesty amongst us
  • Atmosphere of constructive debate

Wages and finances are transparent, always

All employees have permanent insight into our finances as well es the wages of all their colleagues.

Open Positions

Currently we do not have any open positions.