17.09.2019 by Felix Höffken

climate strike

We strike!

Together for Future e.V

The climate debate, brought to attention again by “fridays for future”, has left its marks in our cooperative. We reduced the size of the images on our website (as internet traffic needs energy), we use a static page (as computation needs electricity), installed power switches to make sure no stand-by devices draw energy on the weekends and use green electricity both in the office and for our servers.

Although these private (or in this case cooperative) measures, especially when applied by many people, can have an impact, focusing on them solely can actually have a negative effect. We should not forget to demand big changes in society as a whole, rather than over-optimize every single small thing we do.

CO² reduction - by shutdown of coal-burning power plants, car-free city centers, the 30 hour week,… - is not achievable by a single person.

Therefore, we solidarize ourselves with all climate protests - no matter who: fridays for future, Sand im Getriebe (a group that blocked the IAA last week in Frankfurt), the occupation of the Hambacher Forst, indegenous struggles in the Amazon, …

It’s crucial to also show solidarity with criminalized protest - in Germany a simple way to do this is by joining the rote Hilfe.

We will participate in the strike this firday and hope this strike will show that many people want a future for this planet and help start the needed changes in society as a whole.

See you in the streets!