01.04.2021 by ctrl.alt.coop


ctrl.alt.coop proudly presents the electron app unifier

Since its inception in 2013, the framework еlectron.js has been widely used to create “desktop” applications with web technologies. Slack, mattermost or riot, atom or visual studio code, twitch and discord are just some of the examples for such applications that delevopers and the general population use on a daily basis, oftentimes running multiple of them at the same time.

For a while now, I’ve heard some good and not so good humoured jokes about the whole thing. Some go even as far as calling it a “cancer”. And the polemic label is indeed backed up by factual arguments.

Here are the main disadvantages of electron apps: * Resource consuming: Running multiple electron apps pretty much means opening multiple full-blown chromium browsers, which chip away at your CPU capacity, storage and memory. * Privacy invasive: They access your camera and microfone without asking for permission. * Annoying: The user’s visual space is flooded by a bunch of notifications.

Today, we remedy these by offering you a privacy-aware resource sparing solution: elect1.

Elect1 is an electron app unifier conceived and implemented to be user friendly, resource sparing and respecting your privacy. Never again be bugged by the pesky notifications, wonder why your laptop sounds as if it’s trying to take off, or have random software access your audio/video devices without your explicit permission. What is more, it gives you the advantage of tabs for easy navigation and spare you the need to wildly switch through multiple windows. Check it out and install it today.