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Accessible event calendar

We stood before an immense task: creating an accessible event calendar of Berlin for the Special Olympic World Games. showed dedication and enthusiasm while taking on this challenge, and dove quickly into the topic of digital accessibility, a topic which is unfortunately overlooked. All ideas were made possible, and well implemented, see .

Angela Meyenburg
Founder and managing director of KulturLeben Berlin, KulturLeben

Project goals

The goal of the project was, in combination with the special olympics in Berlin, to create an app for collecting events with specific accessibility criteria provided, such as wheelchair accessibility, sign-language provided, etc.

As well as providing information on the accessibility of the events themselves, the project also set a high importance on web accessibility, such as screen reader compatibility, keyboard controls, and a simple clear design.


The app consists of three main components.

The design of the application focussed heavily on visual accessibility, such as:

Homepage of the event calendar on desktop. At the top a greeting and a introduction video in sign language, below filters for types of disabilities. At the bottom the start of the list of events, as well as the start of the calendar

Homepage on desktop

Homepage on mobile. Information is presented in a single column, with an introductory text, followed by a sign language video, then the disability filters. At the bottom of the page a button prompting to choose interest filters

Homepage on mobile

Homepage showing the event list. Events are presented in different colors for interest type, with icons demonstrating those interests, as well as a short text. To the right the calendar to filter these events by date

Event list on desktop


As well as design accessibility, attention was also paid to technical accessibility, including:


The project was built using Vue.

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