Especially businesses with small or no IT department may be doubtful how to tackle technical challenges. We offer support with independent guidance in nearly all IT-based matters. This way you stay up to date and prevent unnecessary spendings.

Project planning

If you are designing a software project we are happy to be of assistance. Together we will identify common obstacles and evaluate which solutions are the most promising. Additionally we offer complexity analysis and cost estimates and joint creation of milestones and deadlines.

Software migration

If you plan on upgrading, migrating or moving an old setup we can support you with back-ups and migration scripts. We will pragmatically evaluate every step to prevent software and upgrades without benefit software and upgrades without benefit.

Office IT

We provide advise if you want to optimize your office infrastructure, like better WiFi coverage, setup of network storage, Single-Sign-On systems and more.

Second opinion

Have you received an estimate of an IT consultant and are not sure whether the proposal is viable? Do you have doubts concerning the costs? We offer an detailed and independent evaluation.