About us

Control.alt.coop is a software agency applying holocratic models of management and operating as a self-managed and owned collective. We have an affinity to sustainable, mission-driven, innovative and value based projects and a commitment to releasing open-source software as much as possible. Diversity, inclusivity, the mental well-being of employees and clients as well as creating the highest quality of work possible are some of our key values. We pride ourselves on being one of the few and sustainably growing cooperatives in the tech sector that have achieved scale.

We provide a range of services from software and app development, enabling organizations to digitize, to consulting on cybersecurity and conducting technical due diligence and workshops. The company has worked for a diverse range of clients and projects from building software for autonomous mobility at InnoZ and building software for tech startups in Berlin to creating a news media app at die tageszeitung (taz) as well as developing a full-stack app for advocacy and campaign management from the county to the federal level for one of Germany’s largest political parties.

Who We Are


Years of experience as a freelancer and a regular employee have provided me with a lot of skills: Amongst others VueJS and Angular in the front-end, Django and Node in the back-end and server administration using Kubernetes.


My favourite programming language is Python: I’ve been working with it for years in the web context and beyond. Besides, I enjoy teaching people how to program and foundations of encryption and digital security.


I am an entrepreneur and programmer with experience in building ventures utilizing new technologies such as Blockchain and IoT, helping startups define their product strategy and problem space, as well as digital strategy and transformation projects from the Fortune 500 to international public orgs. I am a staunch advocate of women and BIPOC rights. I enjoy exploring new models and equitable systems of inclusivity as well as experimenting and designing best practices and approaches to holocracies. I like how software can be written beautifully- with elegance, economy and poetry.


During and after my mathematics studies I worked as a database developer. After that I was drawn to app development for 4 years. Mostly I was responsible for front end, but also in conception and design of some micro services.


I started working with Android during my bachelor thesis. After being employed for some years as a Django full-stack developer I returned to developing apps - now as a freelancer and with kotlin. While also working with VueJS and Django, Android apps stay my focus.


I worked for some years with Java and Python on distributed, fault-tolerant systems. I gained experience with Django working as a back-end developer on a participation platform, and I am not afraid of using React for the front-end.


I study Computer Science and gradually get to know new programming languages in addition to what I learn at the university. Right now, I enjoy learning modern app development the most.