About us


Jonatan Zint

Years of experience as a freelancer and a regular employee have provided me with a lot of skills: Amongst others VueJS and Angular in the front-end, Django and Node in the back-end and server administration using Kubernetes.

Lyudmila Vaseva

My favourite programming language is Python: I’ve been working with it for years in the web context and beyond. Besides, I enjoy teaching people how to program and foundations of encryption and digital security.

Felix Höffken

I started working with Android during my bachelor thesis. After being employed for some years as a Django full-stack developer I returned to developing apps - now as a freelancer and with kotlin. While also working with VueJS and Django, Android apps stay my focus.

Johannes Dillmann

I worked for some years with Java and Python on distributed, fault-tolerant systems. I gained experience with Django working as a back-end developer on a participation platform, and I am not afraid of using React for the front-end.

Self-organized software agency

The idea of ctrl.alt.coop originates from a group of software developers who felt unsatisfied with their employments. Confronted with strong hierarchies, management decisions which rendered hours of work obosolete and standards which did not meet our self-expectation, fuelled the idea to organize ourselves.

Striving for a self-determined occupation and a collectively organized workplace we eventually established a cooperative. The structure of the cooperative (more precicely the German eG, eingetragene Genossenschaft) shall ensure that every member has the equal say in corporate decisions, as well as decouple the company’s property from private property. This ensures that our cooperative will continue to serve the needs of its members instead of maximizing the property and wealth of individual shareholders.

Extraordinary quality through self-set expectations

Besides our wish for self-determination at the workplace, we are united in our passion for stable, sophisticated and elegant solutions for technical problems. The development of first-class software is not only our profession but a great source of satisfaction for us. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience gained with many practical applications, we are able to provide very valuable advise in the conception and planning of software solutions.