About us

Control.alt.coop is a software agency applying holocratic models of management and operating as a self-managed and owned collective. We have an affinity to sustainable, mission-driven, innovative and value based projects and a commitment to releasing open-source software as much as possible. Diversity, inclusivity, the mental well-being of employees and clients as well as creating the highest quality of work possible are some of our key values. We pride ourselves on being one of the few and sustainably growing cooperatives in the tech sector that have achieved scale.

We provide a range of services from software and app development, enabling organizations to digitize, to consulting on cybersecurity and conducting technical due diligence and workshops. The company has worked for a diverse range of clients and projects from building software for autonomous mobility at InnoZ and building software for tech startups in Berlin to creating a news media app at die tageszeitung (taz) as well as developing a full-stack app for advocacy and campaign management from the county to the federal level for one of Germany’s largest political parties.

Who We Are


Enterpreneur, programmer, product strategist, future technologist, women and BIPOC rights activist


Web front end developer, UI/UX design expert


Android and web front end developer, mathematician


Android developer today, previously full-stack web with Django and VueJS


UI/UX designer, graphic designer & occasional visual artist


Full stack developer, former geology student


Software developer, social and economic psychologist.


Android and web back end developer with history in distributed systems and Java


Office Orga, aspiring app developer


Full stack web developer, occasionally venturing into mobile development; privacy enthusiast; excited about teaching


Project Manager, Media Scientist


Full stack developer, mathematician


Full stack web developer, who studied boring mathematics and tried to be cool with studying computer science