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Map application

The developers from informed themselves, and adapted themselves to the work of Berliner Register, allowing ideas to be implemented in a practical manner. Technical details were explained in an understandable way, which led to an appreciative and trusting cooperation. We’re happy with the great results!

Jeannine Löffler
Coordinator of the registry for Treptow-Köpenick, Berliner Register

Project goals

The project Berliner Register has been running for several years as a documentation site of incidents categorized as anti-Romani and Sinti, far right, chauvinist, ableist, or anti-feminist. Recorded incidents are publicly visible on their site, to raise awareness of discrimination and exclusion.

Previously, these incidents were visible in a list form. The goal of this project, which was requested from the registry for Treptow-Köpenick, was to add a map overview, to give an indication of where in the district incidents were taking place.


The map application consists of three levels, which can be easily navigated between one another.

There is also a simple filter functionality built into the application, so the user can filter incidents for a specific year, incident type, or motive.

District view, showing districts of Treptow Köpenick, marked by blue borders, containing numbers indicating incident counts for those localities

District view

Locality view, showing opened up list of incidents on the right, and a map containing different incident markers

Locality view


The project was an extension of a django based web frontend using tailwind and wagtail.

The implementation of the map itself was built with MapLibre , an open source library for rendering interactive maps.

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