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Thanks to the efficient and solution-oriented work of, a new app for our monthly newspaper LE MONDE diplomatique was developed in a short time, and we are very satisfied with it. We look forward to continuing to work with such a competent and dedicated team that relieves our editorial staff with their proactive approach in the future. [translated]

Dorothee d’Aprile and Rejane Salzmann
Editorial Leadership | Marketing Coordinator, LMd

Since August 2022, we have been collaborating with the team behind the German edition of Le Monde diplomatique (LMd) on the development of their new newspaper app for Android. This app is based on the Android app we developed for taz , with various customizations in design and business logic.

To facilitate implementation and enable concurrent development of both apps, we are leveraging Android’s “Product Flavors”. This approach offers several advantages, such as minimizing specific development efforts for the LMd app while still being able to provide updates and new features from the taz app to the LMd app.

An example of this is the addition of new features since the release of the LMd app on the Google Play Store , including a read-aloud function and an improved onboarding process for users through so-called Coachmarks.

App with the read-aloud function minimized. The user sees the article, with a mini player in front, allowing them to pause playback

Read-aloud function minimized

App with the read-aloud function expanded. The user sees an image of the article and audio player controls for controlling playback

Read-aloud function expanded

Android-App using Coachmarks to show the user how to use the audio functionality


The LMd app is available under an open-source license, and its source code can be accessed on GitHub .

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