17.04.2019 by Lyudmila Vaseva

News April 2019

Looking back

We are celebrating our 352-day anniversary today.

Looking back, we have lived a bunch of exciting changes over the last couple of months. We are now officially a Berlin registered cooperative. For six months, we have been working in a cosy office overseeing the Schlossplatz Köpenick. On the square, an open air market takes place twice a week and no ambulance or police car can pass by without us noticing. Directly opposite our windows, there is a big white exterior house wall which is very popular with the locals as an analog platform for proclamation of political opinions. The local authorities have excellent response times and paint everything white again quite quickly and thus we have unfortunately failed to take a picture of the “Fuck AFD” message couple of weeks ago. On the bright side, these practices enable lively discussions: the wall is then ready for the next message.

But let us finish taking stock. In the last 352 days we have also grown 100% - since February our core team counts four developers. This has brought us another small step towards the communitisation of labour in the software sector. Besides, we enjoy the nice side effect of sitting in a livelier office with so many nice people.